How to get there:
1. Drive out of Tallinn along Pärnu road
2. At Harutee crossroad turn right towards Haapsalu
3. Drive 12,2 km along Ääsmäe – Haapsalu - Rohuküla road
4. At the turnout of the old road turn right (two turns side by side, select the asphalt covered one)
5. Cross the Hingu bridge and turn after the bridge downwards to the right
6. Drive 600 more meters and you’ll find yourself at Kalaoja farm (to the left there are stables, to the right the horse paddock). You can park by the road side.

By public transport:
Take Riisipere train to the Jaanika stop -
we are at a distance of about 1,5 km from the Jaanika stop -
Take a share taxi minibus no 256 to the Jaanika stop
we are at about 2 km from the stop.

Don’t hesitate to ask for directions!
Call +372 56 958 425, Raili.